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About Us

The Green Schools Foundation is a dedicated group of parents, devoted alumni, educators, community leaders, and local business people.



The Foundation is dedicated to furthering academic excellence in the Green Schools by providing scholarships and academic classroom grants, which benefit our elementary, middle, and high school students. Become a board member by completing and submitting the trustee application.

Board Members


Mark Herdlick

Vice President

Justin Speight


Richard Brandenburg


Isabella Ake

Breila K Allen

Adrianna Barnes

Mark Booth

Rachel Boyle

Summer Braman

Richard Brandenburg

Cindy Brown

Mike Burch

Aidan Byers

Todd Casey

Eric Chojnacki

Carmina Ciccarelli-Aloisi

Brian Cuthbert

Melissa Dyer

Emilia Gifford

Emily Graham

Alexa Groen

Kevin Groen

Kristin Groen

Kevin Guilmette

Hunter Hannaman

Mark Herdlick

Vienna Horvath

Connie Leonard

Chrissy Lingenfelter

Carrie Marochino

Fred Mathews

Nolan McKendry

Julie McMahan

David Milkovich

Jeffrey Miller

Abi Monti

Gerard Neugebauer

Nadia Otterstetter

Ronald Otterstetter

Andy Richards

Vince Rubino

Carter Sharpnack

Justin Speight

Zachary Stewart

Meredith Walker

Elissa Wood

Trudy Zimmerman

Student Liaisons

The student's voice is an important part of the working Board of Trustees.  Green High School juniors are selected through an application process.  Many juniors elect to stay with the Foundation through their senior year.


All students serve on board committees including Celebration of Education, Membership, Resource Development & Finance, Communication, and Enrichment.


The 2023-2024 GSF student liaisons include Isabella Ake, Breila K Allen, Adrianna Barnes, Summer Braman, Aidan Byers, Carmina Ciccarelli-Aloisi, Emilia Gifford, Emily Graham, Alexa Groen, Kristin Groen, Hunter Hannaman, Vienna Horvath, Nolan McKendry, Nadia Otterstetter, Carter Sharpnack, Zachary Stewart, Meredith Walker, Elissa Wood.

GSF 2022 2023 student liasions.jpg

Message From the President

Green Schools Foundation was formed in 1991 on the principle that the success of our local schools should be a shared responsibility.


In 1992, the Foundation provided its first student scholarship – a single $500 award – and $5,000 in classroom grants. Since then, our organization has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct financial support to students of Green Local Schools. This growth has been made possible by the enthusiastic support of our members and contributors.


We are proud of our past and we want to take steps right now to ensure our future. Green Schools Foundation’s mission is to promote academic excellence in the Green Local Schools.


We will do this in the following ways:


Ensuring we have the right operating structure to be efficient and effective


Expanding our scholarship and grant programs to offer larger awards to more students


Working with other local organizations to make sure our efforts complement each other for the most positive impact on our community, and


Increasing our visibility within Green so that more people know what we do and why we do it.


Finally, it is truly an honor to serve as president of the Green Schools Foundation. I have been actively involved with many organizations within the Green community and the Foundation is one that I believe benefits all students in Green Schools. As the Foundation grows we are always looking for individuals to join the Board of Trustees. If you would be interested, I would love to meet with you and discuss all the great things the Foundation is doing to promote the academic excellence in Green Schools.


As always, thank you for your support of the Green Schools Foundation.


Mark Herdlick


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