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Academic Classroom Grants

Green Schools Foundation Classroom Grants

Green Schools invites any staff members to apply for grants to fund projects that will enhance student learning opportunities.   Green Schools Foundation supports district staff in delivering quality instruction and enrichment for all students in Green Local Schools. Priority is given to those staff who are members of the Foundation.

Classroom grants guidelines when considering applying include: 

•   Emphasis on student engagement

•   Creative and innovative

•   Green community-oriented

•   Beyond routine budgeted items

•   Promote academic excellence for all students

Fall 2022 awardees will be announced in Early November.

A 2021-2022 Green Developmental Preschool program grant provided the purchase of new building and construction materials.  With these new materials students experimented with simple science concepts, such as balance and gravity, and practice early math skills, like sorting, creating patterns, and building shapes, all while expressing their creativity and learning to work cooperatively with their peers. 

Jackson A._edited.jpg

Green Schools Foundation provided funding for an iPad, keyboard, and case for a special student, Jackson A. in Mrs. Meffert’s Green Intermediate School classroom. This device has already supported his learning in so many ways.  Assistive technology allows students who learn differently to shine. It enhances learning by helping them work around any challenges that stand in the way of fully understanding or engaging in their schoolwork. By incorporating assistive technology tools into their learning, it can help students capitalize on their strengths and work around challenges to increase their self-reliance, independence, and self-confidence.

Greenwood's Therapy Stairs is an exceptional piece of equipment paid for by funds through a teacher grant submitted by Heidi Sluss, Physical Therapist. The stairs will be instrumental in helping with mobility for our preschoolers and kindergartners.

GSF Grant Therapy Stairs.jpg

Fall 2021 Recipients                   

$9,500.97 Total

GWD Group Grant - "Block Play"

Tess Maione, Katie DeSmith, Kerri Manns, Kim Sabo


GMS Group Grant - "Announcement Equipment"

Katie Bowman & Josh Klein

GHS Group Grant - "Student Services Hallway Mural"

Marilyn Ruff, Amanda Gamble, Kevin Granito, Kory Smith


GMS Group Grant - "ROX Leadership Team"

Stacey Custer, Lori McCartney, Liz Willemin

GWD Standard Grants

Heidi Sluss, MSPT -  "Therapy Training Stairs"

Trudy Zimmerman - "100 Math Club"

Danielle Wilkie - "Making Mornings Manageable"

Brooke Schon - "Developing Skills for Budding Artists"

Jenny Cochran - "Learning Through Literacy Manipulatives"

GIS Standard Grants

Wendy Shocklee - "Survival: Literature Circles"

Andrea Meffert - "Integrating Technology Support"

GHS Standard Grants

GMS-Standard Grantman

2017-2018 Recipients

$5,672.14 Total


Scott Aten & Amanda Popovich



Wrenn Nicodemo


Krista Seals & MTSS Committee

Sally Stevenhagen


Wendy Shocklee

Joe Trizzino

Pam Anderson


Tess Maione, Katie Watts, Katie DeSmith and Kim Sabo

Brooke Schon

2016-2017 Recipients

$3,900.00 Total

GWD Group Grant

Tess Maione, Kim Watson, Katie Watts, Katie DeSmith; GWD Group Grant


GPS Group Grant

Coryne Bentley; GPS Group Grant


GIS Standard Grant

Wrenn Nicodemo; GIS Standard Grant


GWD Standard Grant

Brooke Schon; GWD Standard Grant


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