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Spotlight on Staff

Green Schools Foundation proudly sponsors Spotlight on Staff, recognizing outstanding staff members throughout the district at monthly Board of Education meetings. Staff members are selected through nominations from district personnel, parents, students, and community members.

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Spotlight on Staff recipients:

Nicole Marchick (GIS)

Nicci West (GPS)

Sara Rogers (GPS)

Alaina Starr (GIS)

Bethany Swogger (GHS)

Maria Pinheiro (GWD)

Zach Garber (District)

Krista Seals (GPS)

Brandon Edwards (GHS)

Amy Cambier (GPS)

Sheri Murray (GMS)

Rick Edwards (Transportation)

Callahan Benedetti (GIS)

Rachel Boyle (GMS)

Jenn Alacchi (GPS)

Kelly Harlan (GHS)

Dawn Stephanoff (District)

Katie Bowman (GMS)

Rachel Payne (Transportation)

Barb Pursley (GWD)

Lee Nickol (GWD)

Caitlyn Taylor (GIS)

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