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Spotlight on Staff

Green Schools Foundation proudly sponsors Spotlight on Staff, recognizing outstanding staff members throughout the district at monthly Board of Education meetings. Staff members are selected through nominations from district personnel, parents, students, and community members.

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Spotlight on Staff recipients.

Eric Allan (GHS),  Elizabeth Campbell (GWD), Jason Nelson (GPS), Mike Lazor (GMS/Swim Coach), Hilary Buck (GHS), Jennifer Robinson (District Family Support Specialist), Cherie McCortney (District Family Support Specialist), Molly Yunkin (GHS), Kim Hasting (GHS), Kate Swallow (District), Connie Raskow (GPS), Pam Anderson (GIS), Debbie Goldie (GPS), Julie Slater (GPS), Mark Regener, (Groundskeeper), Denise Holland (Treasurers Office), Adam Greenwood (GPS), Kourtney Groholy (GPS/District), Julie McMahan (District) and Brian Foster (GMS).

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