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Kindergarten Kings and Queens

We are thrilled to share this delightful project led by Mrs. Schon, made possible through a classroom grant from the Green Schools Foundation (GSF). Through our funding, Mrs. Schon’s kindergarten class was able to bring their "Kings and Queens" unit to life with a pretend castle and beautifully crafted crowns, enhancing the educational experience for each child.

This project is a prime example of how the Green Schools Foundation directly contributes to enriching the educational environment by providing resources that transform traditional learning methods. Students were fully immersed in their roles, taking turns as kings and queens for the day, fostering leadership and communication skills in a fun, engaging setting.

Moreover, the castle became the centerpiece for a unique learning activity—the royal wedding of the special letters of the week, Q and U. This creative approach not only reinforced letter recognition but also made learning memorable and joyful.

We believe in the power of creative learning and are committed to supporting projects that go beyond textbooks, making learning interactive and impactful. Mrs. Schon's project is just one of the many initiatives we support to inspire students and teachers alike, demonstrating our dedication to nurturing young minds in innovative and exciting ways.



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